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What is Hadoop, and What Can It Do?


by Angela Guess Matt Asay recently wrote in ReadWrite, “‘What is Hadoop?’ is a simple question with a not-so-simple answer. Using it successfully is even more complex. Even its creator Doug Cutting offered an accurate-but-unsatisfying “it depends” response when I asked him last week at the Strata+Hadoop World conference to define Hadoop. He wasn’t being…

Using the IBM Power Development Cloud for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 Beta Application Testing


by Angela Guess Bob Dick of IBM reports, “Excitement continues to build around Linux on IBM Power Systems from the first Scale-out POWER8 processor-based systems shipped in mid-2014 to the Enterprise POWER8 processor-based systems which began shipping in 4Q2014 and includes the Integrated Facility for Linux support. A big part of that excitement is around…

Semantic Web Job: Software Engineer

Elevada is looking for a software engineer. The job description states: “Elevada is a data management company seeking a skilled Software Engineer with 4+ years of professional development experience. This is an opportunity to get in early (employee number < 5) at a real company with a strong product vision + enterprise customers, real revenue,…

IBM Commits $1 Billion to Fuel Linux and Open Source Innovation


by Angela Guess A new article out of IBM reports that the company has “announced plans to invest $1 billion (USD) in new Linux and open source technologies for IBM’s Power Systems servers. The investment aims to help clients capitalize on big data and cloud computing with modern systems built to handle the new wave of applications coming to the…

Hortonworks Establishes Largest Big Data Platform


by Angela Guess Ryan Cox of SiliconAngle reports, “Hortonworks, while having been spun off from the original Hadoop initiative at Yahoo that’s driven so many of Big Data’s recent victories, is relatively new as a standalone operation.  And as several vendors and small players alike race to launch their own Hadoop distro, the competition is…

Data Job of the Day: IT Director, Data Development


by Angela Guess Interactive Data is looking for an IT Director, Data Development in Bedford, MA: “This position will be responsible for managing the data development teams for Pricing and Reference Data (US). These teams are responsible for the core data collection repositories and access databases serving PRD’s various securities’ information services and direct client…

An Ontology for Reasoning about Distributed Agent Capabilities


Executive Summary

A JCAF agent represents a network agent with capabilities specialized for defending the cyber-assets of an organization.  Agents may receive and execute instructions, either in isolation or in collaboration with other agents, Web applications, or people. We need to ensure that an agent can correctly execute payloads (scripts or programs) that they receive or retrieve. The potential incompatibility of agents and payloads motivates the need for a mechanism to describe and reason about agents, payloads, and other related assets.

RELETON – The Universal Platform for Keyword and Unstructured Text Analysis


The RELETON platform was developed in order to find deep relationships between keywords, and to automatically analyze web pages and other types of unstructured text documents.  The platform was originally released in January 2006 and as of today it utilizes results from analyzing over 1.1 billion web pages and over 90 billion actual user search queries.
In this article we will provide a brief overview of the RELETON Platform, its architecture, main components, basic services and several typical applications.

Semantic Technologies Really Do Pay Off


As the former Chief Information Officer of Europe’s largest internet bank, Egg plc, the decision to select semantic technologies to underpin the launch of my next large scale consumer business, Garlik (www.garlik.com), was not one I took lightly.