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Nokia Acquires Mapping Startup Desti

Natalie Gagliordi of ZDnet reports, “It looks like Nokia is expanding its HERE Maps mapping business with its acquisition of the mapping startup Desti, a spinout from SRI International — the same group responsible for Apple’s Siri.”

The Semantics Behind Poderopedia

Alvaro Graves recently discussed the semantic technology behind Poderopedia, a project out of the Poderomedia Foundation that hopes to promote greater transparency in Chile by mapping and visualizing relationships among Chile’s elite.

Big Data, Little Privacy

by Angela Guess A new article discusses the recent surge in privacy concerns following public realization regarding the iPhone location trail: “If privacy is dead (as a number of technology executives in whose interest it is for us not to care about privacy have opined), there wouldn’t have been much fuss over the most recent…