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Deep Learning and the Benefits of Transfer Learning


by Angela Guess Nancy Gohring recently wrote for Fierce CIO, “Even researchers working in artificial intelligence sometimes don’t understand exactly why advancements happen. For instance, so-called deep learning, which is a kind of machine learning, often has the benefit of transfer learning, said Peter Lee, global head of Microsoft Research speaking on Thursday at the…

A Look Inside Microsoft’s New Big Data Platform, Prajna


by Angela Guess Derrick Harris reports for Fortune, “Microsoft is hard at work on a new platform that will let developers easily build cloud computing services and mobile applications that can analyze lots of data, according to a report Tuesday in ZDNet. The platform, code-named Prajna, is built on Microsoft’s .NET programming language (which the…

Deep Learning Machine Out of China Beats Humans in IQ Test


by Angela Guess The MIT Technology Review reports, “IQ tests have become a standard feature of modern life and are used to determine children’s suitability for schools and adults’ ability to perform jobs. These tests usually contain three categories of questions: logic questions such as patterns in sequences of images, mathematical questions such as finding…

Using Robots to Improve New York’s 311

Jessica Leber of Co.Exist recently wrote, “Since opening in 2003, New York City’s pioneering 311 center for non-emergency questions and complaints has become a massive operation, handling an average of around 60,000 questions a day via phone, text message, website, and mobile app.”

Microsoft Research and the Machine Learning Future

Larry Greenemeier of Scientific American recently wrote, “Microsoft is also searching for a new chief executive for the first time in nearly 14 years, someone who can help restore at least some of the company’s former luster through skillful management and, perhaps more important, someone who has the ability to develop groundbreaking new technologies.”

Machine Learning's Promising Future

The Financial reports, “Unlocking the future—that was the theme Rick Rashid, Microsoft chief research officer, used to close his opening remarks April 23 during the first day of the Microsoft Research Machine Learning Summit 2013.”

New Software Tries to Predict Tomorrow’s News


by Angela Guess Tom Simonite of the MIT Technology Review recently discussed a new software that uses Big Data to predict tomorrow’s news. He writes, “Researchers have created software that predicts when and where disease outbreaks might occur based on two decades of New York Times articles and other online data. The research comes from Microsoft and…