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Newsletter Shifting from Weekly to Daily

Today, we are pleased to announce that the SemanticWeb.com newsletter is shifting from weekly to daily delivery (at 4:00pm ET), matching the frequency of newsletters from other MediaBistro properties. If you have previously signed up for the weekly newsletter, you do not need to do anything; beginning today, you will receive the newsletter daily. If…

European STATegra Project Officially Begins

A recent article out of Biomax Informatics reports, “The European STATegra Project, tasked with developing solutions to connect data production and data analysis, enables biologists to gain enhanced insight and understanding of their experiments.”

Take Your Place At The Table For Building Intelligent Virtual Assistants

Want to participate in building a world of intelligent personal assistants? The opportunity awaits at SparkingTogether, where researchers, programmers, and companies can contribute features, behavior and knowledge to an online platform, dubbed FIONA, for creating next-gen virtual avatars. FIONA stands for Framework for Interactive Services Over Natural-conversational Agents.    “People sparking together” is how Patricia…