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Zettaset Granted New Hadoop-Related Patent


by Angela Guess Maria Deutscher of Silicon Angle reports, “Zettaset, a fast-growing developer of management software for Hadoop, has been awarded a patent for the high-availability (HA) component that ships with its flagship Orchestrator solution. Issued on November 26, 2013 and announced last week, U.S. Patent #8,595,546 covers a technique for ‘split brain resistant fail-over in…

IBM Secures Green Cloud Patent for More Efficient Data Centers


by Angela Guess Jennifer LeClaire of Sci-Tech Today reports, “Big Blue inventors have patented a new technique that makes it possible for cloud computing  data center operators to dynamically redistribute workloads to lower-powered or underutilized systems. The benefit: it minimizes the environmental footprint and impact of cloud services. In other words, IBM just made greener clouds a reality.…