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No Siri Personal Assistant in iOS 5

There remained some questions last week about whether or not Apple’s new iOS 5 operating system will bundle the semantically-enriched Siri personal assistant with it. Looks like that’s a no. According to 9to5Mac, for now Siri remains exclusive to the iPhone 4S (see our coverage here ). It is possible to update existing Apple devices…

KEYNOTE: The Game Changer: Siri, a Virtual Personal Assistant – SemTech 2009 Video

We are beginning to see a new interaction paradigm for the web: the Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA). A VPA is task focused: it helps you get things done. You interact with it in natural language, in a conversation. It gets to know you, acts on your behalf, and gets better with time. The VPA paradigm builds on the information and services of the web, with new technical challenges of semantic intent understanding, context awareness, service delegation, and mass personalization.