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Peer39: Interview with CEO Amiad Solomon on Semantic Advertising Issues and Opportunities


Peer39: Interview with Amiad Solomon

Founded in 2006 by an innovative group of scientists and engineers, Peer39 was voted by MIT’s Technology Review as one of the Top Ten Web Startups to Watch in 2008.  Semantic Universe editor Tony Shaw recently spoke with Founder and CEO Amiad Solomon about the company’s innovations, the FTC and what we may expect in the future.

Creating Dynamic Business Applications using Semantic Web Technology – Part II


This is the second of a two-part series discussing how Semantic Web Technology can enable Dynamic Business Applications in the enterprise. Read Part 1 of the article here.

Employees throughout the enterprise have been improvising for a long time in order to fill gaps in their business applications and process infrastructure with ad hoc processes and know-how.  In a recent Aberdeen Group survey, a majority of the 125 executives surveyed reported that manual intervention was necessary to compensate for missing features in enterprise applications used for business tasks and processes. 

Gladstone Institutes, Alitora to Co-D… – GenomeWeb Daily News


TextWise Releases World’s First Semantic Cloud for Sequencing the Digital DNA of Text


ROCHESTER, NY – June 16th, 2009. Forget about trying to find text by simply using keywords or entities. Today at the Semantic Technology Conference, TextWise announces the release of their Semantic Cloud providing companies the ability to mine content using digital DNA – Semantic Signatures®. Semantic Signatures® represent a deeper meaning from text than either keywords or entities can provide.

From Information to Knowledge: Efficient Development of Semantic Applications


Executive Summary

To extract applicable information from an abundance of available data takes companies a great amount of time. The same applies to consumers who are searching for an answer to a question on the Internet. Semantic technologies promise to take on a large part of this task. iQser’s Middleware provides the basis for the efficient development of such intelligent applications. The bottom up approach makes this possible, by means of a fully automatic semantic analysis.

The Semantification of Chemistry


Executive Summary

Chemistry is a central science and the data produced as a consequence is immense. However, much of this data is which makes data integration difficult. In this article, we demonstrate how chemical data can be retrieved from reports, scientific theses and papers or patents and discuss how these sources can be processed using natural language processing techniques and named-entity recognisers to produce chemical data and knowledge expressed in RDF.

Is Content Intelligence the New Business Intelligence?


Executive Summary

The adage "content is king" has never been truer than it is today. Companies across the board are rapidly evolving their services to provide their customers with even more value in the face of the economic meltdown. With its near unlimited capacity and zero-cost of publishing, the Internet has grown astronomically. In 2006, it was estimated that the Internet encompassed 70 million blogs and 150 million Web sites (three million times the information size of all books ever written), and is currently growing by ten thousand pages per hour. What’s particularly interesting is that it’s not just traditional publishing companies that have to find ways to compete with the explosion of information – companies ranging from pharmaceutical developers to mortgage companies are exploring ways to create new information services by tapping the immense amount of information available on the Internet today. However, creating these new information services can be extraordinarily time consuming and expensive without the help of semantic technologies.