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Nanocomputers, Cognitive Computing, and Your Brain: A TED Talk


by Angela Guess Brandon Butler recently wrote for Network World, “Nanocomputers implanted in our brains that connect to the cloud will usher in a new era of critical thinking and human advancement, Google’s Director of Engineering predicts in a TED Talk. Ray Kurzweil says that by the 2030s, nanobots embedded through the bloodstream into our…

Predictive Analytics, Behavioral Science, and Solving the ‘Last-Mile Problem’


by Angela Guess James Guszcza of Deloitte Consulting recently wrote in Forbes, “What do ‘Moneyball’—applying data analytics to make more economically efficient decisions—and ‘nudge’— using principles from psychology and behavioral economics to promote decisions that are consistent with people’s long-term goals—have in common? Quite a bit, as it turns out. Business analytics and the science…

Using Data Visualization to Create Real Business Insights

Locals and Tourists #1 (GTWA #2): London

by Angela Guess Angela Hausman recently wrote for Business2Community, “Great data insights don’t mean much if the folks controlling change don’t understand them or don’t have the time to pour over columns of data. Enter data visualization; the key to getting data insights to cause change that improves your market performance. Big data isn’t a…

Healthline Launches New HealthData Engine

Jasmine Pennic of HIT Consultant reports, “Healthline, provider of intelligent health information and technology solutions, today launched its HealthData Engine to harness the power of structured and unstructured data to improve outcomes and reduce costs.”

Predicting Crime with Big Data


by Angela Guess Mark Gibbs of Network World recently wrote, “Crime has patterns just like everything else humans do when we’re viewed as a large enough group. Thus, while individual behavior can be hard to predict, determining the average behavior of a population and then matching individuals to that template to determine “fit” can be…

The Leap from Big Data Tools to Insights


by Angela Guess Steve Lohr of the New York Times wrote over the weekend, “Big-data management promises a significant shift in the way decisions are made across the economy. Abundant new sources of data from the web, sensors and smartphones, mined for patterns and insights by smart software, will mean that more and more decisions…

Word To Developers: Power Your Apps With Data And Insights

by Jennifer Zaino Apigee wants the development community to be able to seamlessly take advantage of predictive analytics in their applications. “One of the biggest things we want to ensure is that the development community gets comfortable with powering their apps with data and insights,” says Anant Jhingran, Apigee’s VP of products and formerly CTO…