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Jinni and the Future of Choice


by Angela Guess Mark Lee Rollins of Red Orbit recently wrote, “Out of the blue, TV choice technology provider Jinni received a phone call last fall from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences notifying them they’d won an Emmy in the Technology & Engineering category–specifically the ‘Personalized Recommendation Engines for Video Discovery’ category.…

Your TV May Soon Tell You What You Want to Watch

John Boyd of IEEE Spectrum reports, “With satellite, cable, and terrestrial TV stations broadcasting in the hundreds and Internet-based entertainment content companies also competing for viewers’ attention, finding something to watch is, strangely, a growing challenge.”

Big Data at Netflix: The Little Things


by Angela Guess Derrick Harris of GigaOM recently wrote, “You weren’t alone. You fired up your Netflix device a couple Fridays ago, happened across Orange is the New Black in your Netflix recommendations, started watching the first episode and then wondered why you’d never heard of it. Netflix’s other original programming — House of Cards and Arrested Development — received huge…