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How Big Data is Improving Cancer Research


by Angela Guess Lydia Ramsey of Business Insider writes, “Imagine picking three people from a group of 100 with a certain kind of cancer, based on who you think might respond well to a certain experimental medication, then forming an opinion of the remaining 97 people based on the ones you tested. It would be…

Elsevier Set to Launch an Open Access Journal Covering All Topics

reed & elsevier

by Angela Guess Research Information reports, “Elsevier is preparing to collaborate with the research community to develop an open-access journal covering all disciplines on one platform, with the aim of enabling ‘continual experimentation and innovation’. The publisher says plans include improving the end-to-end publishing process and integrating its smart technologies to improve search and discovery.…

Big Data Can Support Sustainable Development Around the World


by Angela Guess Thiemo Fetzer and Amadou Sy of the Africa in Focus blog recently wrote, “There is a lot of hope around the potential of Big Data—massive volumes of data (such as cell phone GPS signals, social media posts, online digital pictures and videos, and transaction records of online purchases) that are large and…