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Microsoft Research and the Machine Learning Future

Larry Greenemeier of Scientific American recently wrote, “Microsoft is also searching for a new chief executive for the first time in nearly 14 years, someone who can help restore at least some of the company’s former luster through skillful management and, perhaps more important, someone who has the ability to develop groundbreaking new technologies.”

Big Data Can Help Find and Protect Endangered Species


by Angela Guess Elizabeth Dwoskin of the Wall Street Journal writes, “To find out whether a species is at risk of becoming endangered, scientists typically spend years painstakingly monitoring animals. Now, powerful computing systems are starting to disrupt that slow process, an influential environmental group says. Applying big data analysis to images from the rain forest, Conservation…

Researchers Forming Big Data Ethics Council

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by Angela Guess Jordan Novet of Venture Beat reports, “Big data isn’t just something for tech companies to talk about. Researchers and academics are forming a council to analyze the hot technology category from legal, ethical, and political angles. The researchers decided to create the council in response to a request from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for ‘innovation projects’…

Building a Disaster-Relief App Quickly with RDF

Larry Hardesty of RD Mag reports, “Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the Qatar Computing Research Institute have developed new tools that allow people with minimal programming skill to rapidly build cellphone applications that can help with disaster relief.”

Library of Congress’s Big Data Challenge


by Angela Guess Brandon Butler of Network World reports, “The Library of Congress has received a 133TB file containing 170 billion tweets — every single post that’s been shared on the social networking site — and now it has to figure out how to index it for researchers. In a report outlining the library’s work thus far…