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Cutting Business Energy Costs with the Internet of Things


by Angela Guess Writing in The Guardian, Duncan Jefferies recently reported, “Smart appliances that communicate with each other and share information using the internet are already available. Indeed, the Internet of things has featured on lists of game-changing technologies for years, and is arguably one of the most hyped tech innovations around. With sensors getting…

Belkin and Osram Team Up for IoT

Belkin International announced, “Belkin International, a leading Internet of Things company, and OSRAM SYLVANIA, a leading global lighting manufacturer, today announced that the two companies have entered into a strategic partnership to collaborate on residential solutions with the OSRAM LIGHTIFY™ smart connected lighting ecosystem and Belkin’s WeMo® home automation ecosystem. OSRAM SYLVANIA will first add…

RDF is Critical to a Successful Internet of Things

Do you still remember a time when a utility company worker came to your house to check your electric meter? For many of us already, this is in the past. Smart meters send information directly to the utility company and as a result, it knows our up-to-the-minute power usage patterns. And, while we don’t yet…

SMArc: Optimizing Energy Consumption with Semantic Technologies

The Daily Fusion reports, “Semantic Middleware Architecture (SMArc) is the result of a research conducted by the Department of Engineering and Telematics Architectures of Centro de Investigación en Tecnologías del Software y Sistemas Multimedia (CITSEM) of the Technical University of Madrid (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, UPM).”

Applying Smart Data from Smart Grids

Molly McCluskey of Fierce Smart Grid reports, “It’s not enough to collect data from smart grids. Utility executives must know how to use that data across a broad range of applications, especially as the technology, and the data it harnesses, becomes more advanced.”

Making Smart Grids as Smart as Possible with Big Data Solutions


by Angela Guess Benjamin Lack of The Energy Collective recently wrote, “From smart phones, to web servers to the broadband links in between, utilities crank out all the electricity that keeps our digital economy humming. Go behind the scenes and you’ll see that utilities have still more in common with typical high tech companies than…

IBM Partners with Oncor to Bring Smart Grid to Texas


by Angela Guess According to a new article out of the company, IBM has announced “a big data project with Oncor, the largest electric delivery company in Texas, that delivers an advanced power grid to help ensure efficient electricity delivery and enable more than 3 million Texas homes and businesses to play a more active…

AutoGrid: Tackling the Smart Grid Problem


by Angela Guess Jeff St. John of Green Tech Media reports, “The smart grid presents an interesting problem for the world of big data, and particularly the field of unstructured data. Where traditional data management requires its data to be formalized and regimented, unstructured data systems take their data as-is, so to speak, from the literally…

The Real Purpose of Big Data: What Is Meant By Situational Awareness?

Robert Greene

by Robert Greene The concept of Big Data has been around for more than a decade – but while its potential to transform the effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability of virtually any enterprise has been well documented, the means to effectively leverage Big Data and realize its promised benefits still eludes some organizations. Ultimately, there are…