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Stephen Wolfram Demos Knowledge-Based Programming Language As It Approaches Official Release (Video)

by Jennifer Zaino Stephen Wolfram is talking more publicly about the Wolfram Language, this week releasing a video demo of the knowledge-based programming language. As he describes in the video below, the symbolic language builds in a vast amount of knowledge of how to do computations and about the world itself. “Through symbolic structure of…

Wolfram|Alpha Dives Into Facebook Analytics

Heading into the Labor Day weekend, Wolfram|Alpha released a new feature that lets users perform personal analytics with Facebook data, for free. Users can head here and type in “Facebook Report” for an analysis of their Facebook data. Stephen Wolfram, the creator of the computational knowledge engine, alerted the world to the news in this blog…

Why Stephen Wolfram Wants to Make .data a Reality

by Angela Guess Stephen Wolfram of Wolfram Alpha is trying to get the ball rolling on a new top-level internet domain (i.e. .com, .org). The domain that Wolfram is proposing is .data: “What would be the point? For me, it’s about highlighting the exposure of data on the internet—and providing added impetus for organizations to…

Answer: What is Watson?

The world’s waiting to see how IBM’s Watson will fare against past Jeopardy! champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. The battle of the brains – real and digital – takes place next week, and we here at The Semantic Web Blog will be keeping you up to date with coverage of the big event. (Yes,…

Semantic Web Summit East Features Stephen Wolfram, Dennis Wisnosky, Martin … – MarketWatch (press release)


Stephen Wolfram to Answer Wolfram|Alpha Questions in Live Webcast


Our team is hard at work going through the tens of thousands of comments, suggestions, and questions coming in about Wolfram|Alpha.

We thought you’d enjoy hearing Stephen Wolfram respond to some of this feedback directly.

We invite you to join us for a live webcast today, Thursday, June 4, at 4pm U.S. CDT (GMT -5 hours), as Stephen responds to some of the questions you’ve sent in.

Wolfram Alpha’s Place in the Ecosystem – David Wood


 Wolfram Alpha has been launched and is available for the public to try. I sat down to play with it.

FIrstly (using the rare American adverb here – don’t be confused), you can’t expect Wolfram Alpha to act like Google. It is a new kind of search engine, as one should expect from Stephen Wolfram. Wolfram is famously the inventor of Mathematica and author of A New Kind of Science.

Wolfram/Alpha’s demo: Search results meet analytics – ZDNet