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Cognitive Computing: Tech Revolution, Spying Tool, or Both?


by Angela Guess Forbes contributor Jason Bloomberg recently wrote, “Depending upon whom you ask, the nascent field of cognitive computing is either the most important trend in technology since programmable computers, a massively intrusive spying tool that can lay bare our deepest secrets, or perhaps simply a powerful approach for processing diverse data sets to…

Healthline Launches New HealthData Engine

Jasmine Pennic of HIT Consultant reports, “Healthline, provider of intelligent health information and technology solutions, today launched its HealthData Engine to harness the power of structured and unstructured data to improve outcomes and reduce costs.”

Schema.Org: The Fire’s Been Lit

by Jennifer Zaino Why has schema.org made the following strides since its debut in 2011? In a sample of over 12 billion web pages, 21 percent, or 2.5 billion pages, use it to mark up HTML pages, to the tune of more than 15 billion entities and more than 65 billion triples; In that same…

JSON, NoSQL, and Relational Databases

B.A. / Flickr / Google Earth

by Angela Guess Ryan Betts of InfoWorld reports, “JSON is the data structure of the Web. It’s a simple data format that allows programmers to store and communicate sets of values, lists, and key-value mappings across systems. As JSON adoption has grown, database vendors have sprung up offering JSON-centric document databases. Now, increasingly, traditional relational-style databases…