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Introducing UMBEL Version 1.00

After four years of tinkering, Structured Dynamics and Ontotext are ready to announce the release of UMBEL version 1.00, the first production-grade release of the system. According to the article, UMBEL (Upper Mapping and Binding Exchange Layer) “is primarily a reference ontology, which contains 28,000 concepts (classes and relationships) derived from the Cyc knowledge base. The reference concepts of UMBEL are mapped to Wikipedia, DBpedia ontology classes, GeoNames and PROTON.”

Get Your Linked Data Here: Publish My Data Wants To Help U.K. Public Sector Get OnBoard

 The U.K. is moving ahead with plans to introduce more transparency and accountability into the public agenda, through efforts such as the data.gov.uk initiative to make public data more easily available. Often,  governmental agencies and semi-governmental bodies are getting onboard with the open data movement by exporting information from databases or spreadsheets into CSV files and putting…