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Is A Knowledge Graph-Related Acquisition In Yahoo’s Future?

by Jennifer Zaino Is SindiceTech about to be acquired by Yahoo? Just last month The Semantic Web Blog reported on the formal relaunch of the company’s activities following the finalization of its separation from its university incubation setting at the former DERI institute in Ireland. Now, according to the Sunday Independent, Yahoo – which the article…

Teenager Nick D'Aloisio is Changing the Way We Read

Seth Stevenson of The Wall Street Journal recently wrote, “Upon hearing, in March of this year, reports that a 17-year-old schoolboy had sold a piece of software to Yahoo! for $30 million, you might well have entertained a few preconceived notions about what sort of child this must be.”

Proof That Information Is Gold: Google Buys Wavii for $30 Million

Google has scooped up news aggregation summary service Wavii for $30 million, according to Reuters. (Google and Wavii haven’t officially commented yet.) Wavii’s service has been influenced by expert machine learning natural language processing work, as explained by founder and CEO Adrian Aoun in our interview here. In February, a blog on the site also…