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New York Times Creates Prototype Semantic Search Engine


by Angela Guess Andy Plesser of Beet.TV reports, “The New York Times R&D Labs has created a prototype search engine that provides Times article results with embedded links to sources outside of the paper, says Michael Zimbalist, VP for Research and Operations in this conversation with Forrester Principal Analyst Joanna O’Connell. As an example, he says the search engine…

NoSQL Job of the Day: Senior Java Developer


by Angela Guess The New York Times is looking for a Senior Java Developer – Ecommerce Platform in New York, NY. According to the post, the company is looking for “A smart and hard-working developer required to join the New York Times Ecommerce team to work on the next generation commerce platform. The role would…

The Semantic Link – Episode 5, April 2011

On Friday, April 8, a group of Semantic thought leaders from around the globe met with their host and colleague, Paul Miller, for the fourth installment of the Semantic Link, a monthly podcast covering the world of Semantic Technologies. Joining them this month were two special guests to discuss the impact of Semantic Web in…

Have Semantic Technologies Crossed the Chasm Yet?


This article kicks off a series of interviews on Semantic Technologies in the MIT Entrepreneurship Review with industry thought leaders including Thomas Tague (Thomson Reuters), Chris Messina (Google), David Recordon (Facebook), Will Hunsinger (Evri) and Jamie Taylor (Metaweb).

Bridging the gap: How Semantic Web can move into the mainstream through SXSW


Personally, I believe that the Semantic Web will become mainstream in the next few years (I actually have a bet on this with some college friends). I know that this is a strong statement, but I am confident that it will happen. Mainstream is defined in Wikipedia as “the common current of thought of the majority”. Furthermore it states that something is mainstream if it “is available to the general public” and it “has ties to corporate or commercial entities. However, how do you evaluate if something is on the verge of becoming mainstream? I propose the following metric:  inclusion at the South by South West (SXSW) Conference!

First 5000 Tags Released to the Linked Data Cloud – New York Times


Social Graphology | Online Communities and the Small Business


In a recent blog post, Tim Berners-Lee, Director of the World Wide Web Consortium, wrote about a new paradigm. In the early days of the internet it was the computers and the wires that were important; more recently it was the documents that were the important things, the centres of focus and attention. Now, and in the future, “it’s the things they are about which are important.” Tim refers to this as the Graph, to distinguish it from the Web, and also to distinguish it from social network sites that contain a subset of a representation of a Graph, but are not the Graph.