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Do You Have Big Data or Crappy Data?


by Angela Guess TechCrunch contributor Jeremy Levy recently wrote, “Companies often tout all their terabytes and petabytes of data, and their massive teams of data scientists running huge Hadoop clusters with Apache Kafka streams that are such a competitive advantage. The truth is, most of them suffer from one of the old adages in computing:…

Infographic: Decoding Big Data for Business Growth


by Angela Guess Single Grain CEO Eric Siu recently wrote for Entrepreneur, “These days, everybody wants to throw around the phrase ‘big data’ like it’s some kind of savior that’ll combat shorter attention spans and the demand for increasingly granular marketing messages tailored to the ‘personalized generation.’ The thing is, big data is only helpful…

Taxing Data Mining?

Jacob Albert of Quartz reports, “The French government is thinking about taxing the collection of personal data by Internet companies, according to a report put out Jan. 18.”

How Big Data Supports Customer Engagement

Walmart Grocery Checkout Line in Gladstone, Missouri

by Angela Guess Tracey Mustacchio of B2C recently explained how deeper customer engagement is contributing to the value of Big Data. Mustacchio writes, “Once upon a time, engagements with customers were relatively small. If you sold someone telephone service, you sold them telephone service… Nowadays, if you’re selling someone telephone service, you’re probably trying to…

How to Make Sense of Social Media Data

by Angela Guess A new article offers helpful advice regarding how to utilize social media data at any company. The article states, “When it comes to social media in the enterprise, we’re at an interesting inflection point. For some time now, companies have been trying to figure out the business value of social media in…