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How To Really Hear The Voice of the Customer

by Jennifer Zaino There’s a whole lot of customer information out there, including the verbatim comments companies record as part of customer call center surveys or other voice-based interactions. At Verizon Wireless, for example, more than 190 million customers call in daily, weekly and monthly, and sound bites from them during after-call surveys, each a…

Big Data Job of the Day: Video Streaming Architecture


by Angela Guess Verizon is looking for an Architecture Team Lead – Video Streaming in Waltham, MA. The post states, “This position is a critical member of the technology team and will be responsible for the successful delivery and implementation of world-class video streaming and entertainment solution.” Responsibilities include: “Provide architectural vision for technology team…

Verizon Launches Fraud Management Software for Health Care


by Angela Guess Verizon is using predictive data modeling to detect health fraud. According to the article, “The telecommunication giant has just unveiled a new software platform called Verizon Fraud Management for Healthcare, a fraud detection system tailored to the healthcare industry. It uses predictive modeling technology to examine unusual patterns and trends in incoming…

The Utility Smart Grid

by Angela Guess A new article takes a look at the application of Big Data in the energy industry, data gained from the so-called Smart Grid: “While utilities do have a learning curve to climb about data management and analytics, end users (residential, commercial, and industrial customers) also need to learn the ramifications of the…

Chrome OS Tablet for Verizon Wireless Coming Soon? – infoSync World


Bringing Semantic Technologies to Enterprise Data


World Wide Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee declared the Semantic Web ‘open for business’ in 2008, celebrating the ratification of the SPARQL query specification by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C); the organisation of which he is Director. “I think we’ve got all the pieces to be able to go ahead and do pretty much everything,” he stated in an interview.

Implementing Commercial Applications With Semantic Search


Executive Summary

A common challenge facing today’s enterprise, its employees, and customers, is the ability to easily and effectively access corporate data and product/services-related information.  To obtain the accurate and specific information needed from a vast corporate network is a daunting task, especially as data grows more complex and the workforce becomes increasingly mobile.  What if we had pervasive access to it all– enabling us to make timely business decisions while continuing on with our busy days?