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Nokia Said to Be Launching Its Own Personal Digital Assistant


by Angela Guess Softpedia recently wrote, “The battle for the best personal digital assistant is about to get fiercer, as Nokia is said to be working at such a feature for its Z Launcher application included in the N1 tablet. The intelligent virtual assistant for the Z Launcher will be based on Desti’s technology, a…

Machine Learning, Virtual Assistants, and the Value of Chit Chat


by Angela Guess Writing for TechRadar, Mary Branscombe recently noted, “Machine learning is improving everything from image and speech recognition to predicting when machinery will fail. It’s what makes Cortana smart enough to crack jokes and predict sports matches, as well as tell you when to leave early for your meeting because the traffic is…

Kimera Systems Wants to Create a Virtual Assistant for Your Gadgets


by Angela Guess Klint Finley of Wired reports, “With his new company, Kimera Systems, [Mounir Shita] wants to help create all sorts of internet-connected devices without help from the Googles and the Amazons, spreading the wealth to electronics makers and broadband providers instead. For consumers, who’s actually taking a cut of all these purchases might…