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How to Make the Buy-or-Build Cloud Services Decision


by Angela Guess Barb Darrow recently wrote for GigaOM, “If you need proof that cloud deployment stories can touch off religious disputes, my recent report about @Walmartlabs deploying 100K cores of OpenStack to run the retail giant’s e-commerce operations is Exhibit A. This is, by any measure, a massive private cloud, and some readers were…

@WalmartLabs Acquires Adchemy

Jeremy King of WalmartLabs reports, “We’re thrilled to welcome 60+ talented technologists from Adchemy to @WalmartLabs, adding to our expertise in areas like semantic search, data analytics and marketing.”

Walmart Labs Gains a Bit of "Insight"

Rip Empson of TechCrunch reports, “Josh Fraser and Jon Fox founded Torbit in 2010 after becoming fed up with the amount of time they and other engineers dedicated to the tedious process of managing website performance optimization — by hand.”

NoSQL Job of the Day: Director DevOps Engineering


by Angela Guess Walmart Global eCommerce is looking for a Director of DevOps Engineering – WalmartLabs Platform in San Bruno, CA. The post states, “Walmart Global E-Commerce is looking for a leader to manage our Platform DevOps engineering team. This role is focused on building tools, processes and teams to help Walmart Global E-Commerce maintain…

Big Data Job of the Day: DevOps Engineer


by Angela Guess WalmartLabs is looking for a DevOps Engineer in San Bruno, CA. The post states, “Mobile devops team is all about frameworks that operate in a high-scale, distributed, multi-tenancy environment. Engineers in this team will begin their engagement by understanding components that make up the mobile.com, one of the highest trafficked and transactional…

Big Data Job of the Day: Demand Generation, Relevance Engineer


by Angela Guess WalmartLabs is looking for a Demand Generation, Relevance Engineer in Bangalore, India. The post states, “Do you like big data? Like really big data? Like multi-petabyte data sets with billions of rows? Do you like the idea of pulling, pushing, slicing, and dicing this data in real-time using using Hadoop, Hbase, Hive…