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Mindtree Enables Next Generation Bluetooth Low Energy Chips at Cypress

A Landmark 15th year for Mindtree: Revenue Crosses Half a Billion Dollars, Recommends Special Dividend and 1:1 Issue of Bonus Shares

by Angela Guess Mindtree recently announced “that its BlueLitE Bluetooth® intellectual property (IP) has been incorporated into the new PSoC® 4 BLE and PRoC™ BLEsystem-on-chip products from Cypress Semiconductor Corp., a leading provider of programmable solutions. Mindtree’s Bluetooth Smart link layer, stack and profile components, combined with a unique set of technology components from Cypress,…

4 Big Data Problems Facing the Internet of Things

Hackable watch of the future!

by Angela Guess Alistair Croll of Radar recently opined, “The Internet of Things (IoT) has a data problem. Well, four data problems. Walking the halls of CES in Las Vegas last week, it’s abundantly clear that the IoT is hot. Everyone is claiming to be the world’s smartest something. But that sprawl of devices, lacking…

Big Data and the Internet of Things Are Everywhere

164-365 (Year 8) Fancy socks

by Angela Guess Robert Vamosi of Forbes recently wrote, “There’s enormous interest within the IoT community about how precisely your foot lands each time you take a step. Footfall, more accurately your gait, says a lot about your current state of health, whether it is the onset of multiple sclerosis or some other neurological disease.…

Big Data and Wearable Tech Could Help Cure Parkinson’s Disease


by Angela Guess Rachel King of ZDnet reports, “Wearable technology is routinely being batted around these days as the cure-all for everyday health tracking gaps, but Intel’s latest venture is taking that potential to a whole new level. The Michael J. Fox Foundation has tapped the tech giant for a collaboration with the goal of…

Wearable Tech, Meet Big Data

Wearable technology for the wrist

by Angela Guess Nicko van Someren, CTO of Good Technology recently wrote for CNBC, “ABI research predicts that the wearables market is set to reach $18bn in the next five years. Wearable technology has been around for a few years but recently it seems to be gathering more momentum. Whether it’s fitness bands, smart watches, Google…

The Data Behind the Internet of Things

Nancy Gohring of Computerworld recently wrote, “The market for connected devices like fitness wearables, smart watches and smart glasses, not to mention remote sensing devices that track the health of equipment, is expected to soar in the coming years.”