Take A Peek At Some Semantic Halloween Treats

rsz_bones5How can the semantic web help you participate in and celebrate Halloween this year? We trolled around and came up with a few ideas:

* Still haven’t found just the right costume yet for tonight’s festivities (for you, that is – we’re sure the kids have had theirs planned for some time). Perhaps you’re thinking hard about a do-it-yourself skeleton theme, but aren’t sure of the details for creating the most realistic effect? Well, if you head over to semantic search engine DuckDuckGo’s science goodies section, you’ll get a quick response on the number of bones in the human body, courtesy of Wolfram/Alpha computations. You can take it from there.

* OK, costume’s in check. Now how about what to do while wearing it?

sensebotscreenSemantic search engine SenseBot might be a help here, pointing you to information it’s extracted from web pages and summarizing them in a, well, sensible way, as well as offering a cloud of the concepts it’s discovered for you to further narrow your agenda. The results can be a little off here and there, but it’s nice to have an option to further narrow a search, like one for adult activities to partake in on Halloween, to something more granular, like those designed for the “scare” factor.

* All this costume-making and haunted-house-visiting frenzy’s got to leave a person a little parched. So it’s nice that you can find semantic web search engines focused on the food and drink space like Yummly, ymmlypixwhich pulls up for holiday enjoyment specialties like Vampire Blues, the Transylvanian Hot Toddy, or a little White Bat for those with a hankering for some kahlua and white rum. What’s that you say – dairy allergies? A quick click and the White Bat, with its milk component, is off the list.





And, if you're looking for some Halloween munchies to accompany the Halloween drinks? That may require a quick catchup on ingredients. Whisk, the online service that figures out which store items users need to match with online recipes and sync it with their smartphones, or even purchase the ingredients on the Internet -- and which counts NLP as one of its own special ingredients -- can help out (for U.K. users anyway). The service now is usable with Allrecipes, so you can streamline the process behind creating dishes on the site like phyllo-wrapped hot dog mummies and chocolate muffin spider cakes.

* When the big day is done, you may be in search of some discounts on Halloween décor for next year’s celebration. Well, that job might be a little easier this year, too. If

  • pinterestscreenyou’ve spent a decent amount of time pinning items like pumpkin candles, black cat cut-outs, and jars of candy corn, your data becomes part of Pinterest’s analysis as it aims to create the Interest Graph that connects people with their interests. You’ll get more recommendations and search results reflective of your Halloween hankerings, and sellers can better prep for your buying experience, too, with Rich Pins for products – as well as movies, recipes, and articles – that support Schema.org or Open Graph metatags that can define things like pricing, availability, and where to buy.


Here’s wishing you and yours a very Happy Halloween!