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Talis Ends Consulting Business; Winds Down Kasabi

By   /  July 9, 2012  /  No Comments

Talis LogoIn a series of statements over the weekend, Leigh Dodds, who has served as CTO of both Talis Systems (part of Talis Group) and of spin-off data marketplace Kasabi, announced that the company is closing their consulting business and winding down the two-year old Kasabi. This news is not surprising, perhaps, to industry insiders who have watched in recent months as several key members of the leadership team have left the organization. The Talis education group and product, Talis Aspire, will continue.

While noting some of the many successes they have had over the years, Dodds acknowledged “…there is a limit to how much one small organisation can achieve. In our view, the commercial realities for Linked Data technologies and skills whilst growing is still doing so at a very slow rate, too slow for us to sustain our current levels of investment.”

Likewise, on the Kasabi blog, Dodds alluded to their experience of the marketplace and the timing of the Kasabi product, “For many reasons, organisations are not yet ready to fully embrace data marketplaces. We are still too early in the open data revolution for third-party data marketplaces to really have a clear niche.”

“We have therefore made the decision to cease any further activities in relation to the generic semantic web and to focus our efforts on investing in our growing Education business.”

Practically, Kasabi is working to provide a smooth transition for its customers, saying, “We want to give people time to stop using the system and take away their data, so we are giving everyone three weeks notice, from today, that the service will no longer be available. This means the website and APIs will be shutdown by 30th July. We will stop accepting submissions of new data from Wednesday 11th July. We have already disabled new registrations to the site.”

In his personal blog, Dodds reflects on his four years at the organization and the impact the team had on Linked Data and Semantic Web adoption.  For more history on that work, see our past coverage of Talis and Kasabi.

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