Temis Announces Luxid Community

Katie Ingram of CMS Wire reports, "Semantic content enrichment solutions provider, Temis has announced it will be releasing a beta version of its online collaboration platform, the Luxid Community. Founded in 2000, Temis has worked on providing collaboration solutions and improving how information assets are managed. For example, in late 2011 it integrated its Luxid semantic enrichment tool with Nuxeo. With the Luxid Community Platform, Temis will give users in the semantic content enrichment field the ability to meet with colleagues, exchange practices, work on projects and share information."

She continues, "As the Luxid Community Platform has only been announced, there's limited information available at this time. The product release, in beta format, is scheduled for January 29. Daniel Mayer, Vice President of Marketing at Temis says the platform will take the stress of companies who are trying, but aren't successful in managing their unstructured content. 'Structuring their unstructured content is becoming a burning need for organizations, but the corresponding ecosystem is still fragmented. With the Luxid Community Platform, our goal is to help our customers and partners to collaborate and facilitate the mainstream adoption of semantic content enrichment technologies,' said Mayer in a company statement."

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Image: Courtesy Temis