Tempo AI Expands Down Under to Launch Popular iOS Smart Calendar App in Australia & New Zealand

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MENLO PARK, Calif. – July 31, 2013 – Today, Tempo AI, creator of the breakthrough personal productivity and assistant app for iOS, Tempo Smart Calendar, is announcing its availability in Australia and New Zealand as part of the company’s plan to expand globally.  Tempo Smart Calendar is like having a personal assistant prepare for what’s next – not only providing the right information but also anticipating what a user intends to do. With details in the event summary, it is simple to quickly find information and take action, saving time and eliminating hassle. Common tasks are reduced to a single tap, like dialing into conference calls, sending a text when running late, and checking flight status or reviewing an agenda—all without leaving the calendar.

Users in Australia and New Zealand can download Tempo Smart Calendar for free here:

Tempo Smart Calendar is one of the few apps using the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a better experience for users. The Tempo AI team has localized its natural language processes and semantic learning for users in Australia and New Zealand, optimizing the way the app handles data like phone numbers, physical addresses, and colloquialisms that may be used in the context of a calendar. Tempo Smart Calendar is now ready for users in both countries, who have been looking for a way to simplify their day and make meetings and to do’s more productive.

“From day one, we’ve been on a mission to help people get more done with less hassle by building a smart calendar that works like an assistant.  Today’s expansion to Australia and New Zealand’s over 4 million iPhone users is a huge step towards bringing the power of AI to more people,” said Raj Singh, CEO of Tempo AI. “We are determined to move very quickly and bring Tempo Smart Calendar to more App Store geos by the end of 2013.”

Australia and New Zealand join the U.S. and Canada as the first countries to gain access to Tempo Smart Calendar, the company’s debut app. Since launching in February 2013, Tempo has applied AI to terabytes of data, having processed over one billion documents and enhanced over 100,000 unique conference call dial-in formats. Tempo is constantly improving as its machine learning system recognizes patterns in usage.  One in five users now uses Tempo as their default calendar, and users open the app five times per day on average. This engagement has allowed the company to learn from this data to better understand, and even anticipate, the actions most commonly made around meetings and calendar events.

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Image: Courtesy Tempo AI