TextWise Releases World’s First Semantic Cloud for Sequencing the Digital DNA of Text

ROCHESTER, NY – June 16th, 2009. Forget about trying to find text by simply using keywords or entities. Today at the Semantic Technology Conference, TextWise announces the release of their Semantic Cloud providing companies the ability to mine content using digital DNA – Semantic Signatures®. Semantic Signatures® represent a deeper meaning from text than either keywords or entities can provide. Semantic Signatures® encode the meaning of text by creating a unique ‘signature’ for every document providing superior retrieval and categorization of information without the ambiguity of keyword or entity services.

The TextWise Semantic Cloud provides a service for enterprises to retrieve real-time, highly relevant matches within their own private and secure dynamic content collections.

Using Semantic Signatures® a whole new class of search and matching applications is possible using documents as exemplars for finding very similar documents. TextWise has created one such application – Similarity Search and Matching (SSM). SSM enables fast and accurate information discovery for unstructured text.

Semantic Signatures® are customizable for any domain or content type, from blogs and online advertising to patent or pharmaceutical verticals, and new languages. Signatures quickly adjust to chromosomal variances among domains, languages, and collections. Signatures facilitate application development for a wide range of applications from social CRM, to difficult verticals such as patent lead generation and medical/pharma SSM.

“Semantic Signatures® are a big leap forward for jumpstarting wider adoption of semantic applications. The Signatures serve as a bridge between keyword search and entity extraction to the promise of scalable RDF-based inference systems that won’t deliver for a few years” said Connie Kenneally, TextWise CEO. “Now, companies can start making semantics a reality by utilizing automated concept-encoded text, a document’s digital DNA, to facilitate relevant retrieval of information with large volumes of unstructured text.”

SemanticHacker API for Testing and Developing:

A free version of SSM is available on the TextWise API site www.semantichacker.com.

Developers can organize and match their content against our public content collections of news, blog articles, Wikipedia articles and images, Flickr images and YouTube videos.

Web publishers can experience the power of Semantic Signatures® immediately with our Similarity Search widget or WordPress plug-in also available on our API.

Enterprises can place their own content in our semantic cloud to facilitate SSM against their own content.

To quickly experience the power of SSM in action, try our hands-on demo or view the video at www.textwise.com.