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The Big Data Discussion Will Continue at Enterprise Data World

By   /  April 30, 2012  /  No Comments

by Anjul Bhambhri

As big data continues to explode, the conversations around it explore how to turn this new natural resource into a significant opportunity. I’m very excited to be a part of a big data discussion panel at the upcoming Enterprise Data World in Atlanta, April 29th – May 3rd, where we’ll dig a bit deeper and take a look at the current big data landscape and what lies ahead.

In my conversations with executives, big data is on everyone’s mind – and not just CIOs, but CEOS, venture capitalists, CFOS, CMOs, and risk managers. They are all faced with an increasing need to see deeper within their organizations to gain the insights required to make difficult, yet effective business decisions. I see big data creating and impacting business opportunities everyday now, and know the impact will only continue to grow.

The panel at Enterprise Data World will discuss the big data facts, fantasies and understand why the topic is so relevant today. The session will also address the changes coming to enterprise data management and also the new skills needed to take advantage of this wave of opportunity that is big data, a topic I’m very passionate about. Here at IBM, we’re helping to define the role of the ‘Data Scientist’ – a role that is always growing and changing. We are working to ensure there are academic initiatives combining computer engineering, mathematics, statistics and analytics classes and also the right technology tools out there to compliment these programs.

Not only will it be important for new graduates moving into the big data space to help us uncover strategic information for better decision making, we believe they will also help us to build bigger and better solutions that will help us extract data and continue to build strategic big data resources that will help us create a Smarter Planet.

I’m looking forward to sitting down with Robin Bloor of The Bloor Group, Paul Pedersen of 10gen, Neil Raden of Constellation Research, and April Reeve of EMC Consulting to discuss some critical questions about big data including, how big will big data get? What are CEOs saying about big data? What can you do to future-proof your career in the big data era? What are the key technologies we need to educate ourselves about? And, what is the future of Little Data technologies?

For more information on our panel, please visit here.

I hope to see you there!

About the author

Anjul Bhambhri has 23 years of experience in the database industry with engineering and management positions at IBM, Informix and Sybase. She is currently IBM’s Vice President of Big Data Products, overseeing product strategy and business partnerships. Previously at IBM, Anjul focused on application and data lifecycle management tools and spearheaded the development of XML capabilities in DB2 database server. In 2009, she received the YWCA of Silicon Valley’s “Tribute to Women in Technology” Award.

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