The Cyborgs are Coming: Futuristic Patents at IBM

Brian Jackson recently discussed three of IBM's latest patents that could, as he puts it, "be used to create a futuristic cyborg." Jackson explains, "Well, it's possible. Out of the 6,478 patents that big blue registered in the U.S. last year, a few of them definitely focus on giving computers more human-like capabilities. Combining them and projecting into the future, you could imagine that someone like Star Trek's Commander Data could be the result of intellectual groundwork like this."

He goes on, "System and method for providing answers to questions does exactly what it sounds like. Much like you can now ask Siri on your iPhone about the weather, IBM has developed a semantic system for understanding questions asked by a person and then providing an answer in context. But IBM's system aims to be much more flexible than Siri, generating 'candidate answers' that are the most likely responses even as the question is being asked, then delivering the answer that best fits the inquiry. It's how IBM's Watson creamed Ken Jennings on Jeopardy! U.S. Patent #8,275,803 filed September 25, 2012."

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Image: Courtesy IBM