The Future of Search

Barbara Starr of Search Engine Land reports, "In a June 2010 Semantic Web Meetup in San Diego, Peter Mika of Yahoo!’s research division gave a presentation entitled, 'The future face of Search is Semantic for Facebook, Google and Yahoo!' As the title suggests, the presentation focused on the ever-growing use of semantic markup as a means for helping computers parse and understand content. The talk focused on what was then the current state of the Semantic Web, as well as upcoming formats/technologies in development and the research being done in the field of semantic search."

Starr continues, "The idea that the Semantic Web would be central to search within just a few years was met with some skepticism at the time — back then, all most folks were tracking was the adoption of Semantic Web technologies and semantic search using primarily RDFa, embedded metadata, or semantic markup. The prediction that search would become increasingly semantic and graph-based has certainly proven to be more than true. Not only have the search engines since adopted as a standard along with microdata as a syntax (Facebook RDFa and Open Graph are examples), but things are now elevated to the next level in this process of adoption. Graph Search on consumed/verified/validated information, which is a core component of the Semantic Web, is now considered key for the future of search in both search and social engines."

Mika will be presenting at SemTechBiz in June. His presentation with Duc Thanh Tran is entitled Semantic Search on the Rise.

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