The Future of Sentiment Analysis

Seth Grimes of Information Week recently shared his insights regarding the where sentiment analysis is heading next. He writes, "Whether in conversation or posted online or to our social networks, subjectivity and sentiment add richness to human communications. Captured electronically, customer sentiment--expressions that go beyond facts and that convey mood, opinion, and emotion--carries immense business value. We're talking about the voice of the customer, and of the prospectpatientvoter, and opinion leader."

He goes on, "Listening--for brand mentions, complaints, and concerns--is the first element of any credible social engagement program. Businesses that listen can uncover sales opportunities, measure satisfaction, gauge reactions to marketing campaigns and message themes, uncover root causes behind events, and detect and respond to reputation and competitive threats. That's why we have monitoring and analytics solutions--the best of which apply text and sentiment analysis technology--targeting online and social media as well as enterprise feedback in surveys, e-mail, and contact center notes. These solutions are aimed at discovering business value in complex, expressive, and sometimes-confusing human language."

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ DannyGetz