The Future of Siri

Christian Zibreg recently reported on the future of Siri and how the service intends to become even more personalized. Zibreg writes, "Digital secretary Siri was, and still is, the headline feature of the iPhone 4S. It owes some of its allure to the vast processing power of Apple’s servers that run a remarkably sophisticated voice recognition software licensed from Nuance, a Burlington, Massachusetts-based provider of arguably the best voice technology money can buy. According to Nuance’s marketing honcho, you can bet on Siri to improve over time."

He continues, "Upcoming developments in personal assistants will enable new stuff, such as more accurate voice recognition and personalization. So yeah, eventually you’ll be able to ask Siri 'Is my favourite movie on tonight?' Peter Mahoney, Nuance’s chief marketing officer, sat down for an interview with The Telegraph‘s consumer technology editor Matt Warman to talk voice recognition and Siri. Nuance, which has far and away the most intellectual property in speech synthesis technologies in the industry, runs an astounding two billion annual “voice transactions” and the figure excludes Siri, Mahoney told the British paper."

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Image: Courtesy Siri