The Impact of RDFa

Gregg Turner of Blue Claw Search recently discussed the impact of RDFa format data and why developers should implement it. Turner writes, "Rich snippets have become a lot more prominent within the SERPS over the past couple of years, with appealing, feature-rich listings becoming a more and more commonplace. Google refers to these enhanced search listings as “Rich Snippets”, and from a search marketing perspective they are often more appealing to users and increase Click Through Rates (CTR)."

He goes on, "The increase in CTRs can be attributed to the fact it stands out and therefore increases the chance of a click through. The use of rich snippets can also provide search engines with greater insights into what the web page contains – with the mark-up highlighting key factors. Although marking code up in this format isn’t essential, it has become increasingly popular and is now considered best practise from an SEO perspective, giving you a key advantage over competitors in an increasingly competitive search environment."

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ danbri