The Internet of Things: Pondering the Smart Toaster & Other Oddities

Dan Rowinski of ReadWriteWeb has written an article sharing his insight into the Internet of Things. He explains, "Think of a thing. Really, it could be anything. A chair, a toaster, parts of a car, the lights in your house, the electricity meter, the security cameras in your offices, a fire hydrant, traffic lights … really, anything or everything that can exist could be connected to the Internet. Another name for the Internet of Things is a network of things. The network can monitor your home, your car, infrastructure (utilities such as electricity or water), traffic patterns and a variety of other possibilities to create a more informed and responsive system through data analysis."

He goes on, "Do you really need an Internet-connected toaster? Probably not. But, the toaster is a good place to start when discussing the Internet of Things. What would you expect from a smart toaster? Perhaps a touch screen on which to schedule cooking. It could be connected to the coffee pot, enabling the perfect breakfast for you as soon as you wake. Your toaster could be programmed from your computer or a mobile app. Say you are laying in bed and know you are going to sleep in the next day, pull out your smartphone and reprogram the toaster to start an hour later."

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ healthserviceglasses