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The Intersection of Master Data Management and Graph Databases

By   /  October 9, 2015  /  No Comments

Arrows Point in Four Directions at Person Decision Intersectionby Angela Guess

Peter Perera recently wrote for Smart Data Collective, “Traversing customers’ contextualized network connections and corresponding data relationships afford endless possibilities to generate never before asked questions about customers. But the questions…and answers remain hidden away. We don’t see them. We don’t even know they exist in many cases, mainly because of our not-always beneficial obsession with being customer-centered. This is where a graph database provides needed innovation to visualize, traverse and analyze the extensive interconnections among business constituents in multiple operational contexts.”

Perera goes on, “Graph databases can help us to expand the boundaries of customer knowledge discovery and enrich our customer stories.  These Not-Only-SQL (a.k.a ‘NoSQL’) style databases have shown their chops in applications such as recommendation engines, fraud detection and, of course, social networks. But their potential to dilate our view of customers in CRM and MDM remain largely untapped. Graph databases can enable a network view of all connections among constituents in many business contexts, not simply a 360-degree customer focus. We’re talking deep and broad network awareness founded on transactions and interactions involving multiple parties in multiple roles.”

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