The Latest Breakthroughs of E-Discovery

Ben Cole of SearchCompliance recently interviewed information management expert Jeffrey Ritter about the latest e-discovery breakthroughs and best practices. Asked about the biggest breakthroughs in e-discovery, Ritter replied, "There are four of them worth mentioning. The first breakthrough that has never been appreciated in the legal community is the use of visualization patterning technology… The second… is the development and implementation of audit management tools in the field of e-discovery and the related legal services."

Ritter continued, "The third development is semantic inventory tools. The events that are the basis of the litigation have a vocabulary, a dictionary, a language that is used. A security trader will talk in shorthand; automotive dealers have their own vocabulary. We often make the error of not accounting for understanding the vocabulary of litigation before we begin looking for the relevant evidence. As a result, there's a lot of repetition of process that's been occurring in the last 10 years as the attorneys and those reviewing the mass of data to find the patterns of information that reveal the truth allow us to recognize what was really being said."

He added, "The final one that I think is worth mentioning is the increased leveraging of cloud services. The volumes of data involved in e-discovery, the distributed nature of the teams that are involved in large litigation to find and produce and respond to evidence -- all of these create a pattern ideally suited to cloud-based services. They allow everyone to work on the same page and be consistently connected to the process, even though they are not centrally located in a war room in one building in a major town."

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ Unhindered by Talent