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The Metadata Agenda

By   /  May 21, 2012  /  1 Comment

by Ian Rowlands

As this is my first blog for DATAVERSITY™, I want to set out my stall. I will cover these topics. I would welcome your suggestions for metadata-related issues that you think I have missed!

Top of my list is “why isn’t metadata managed more successfully”. Over more than 25 years of working with metadata, I have seen many implementations. They fall into three kinds: Outright flops, short or mid-term successes, and sustainable successes. The sustainable successes are a small minority. I will be blogging about what I see as the root causes, and what I think we can do about them.

Next is “new stuff”. Metadata management is a discipline that harmonizes information from many moving parts. The rate of change is dizzying. This week’s hot topics are Cloud and Big Data. I want to blog about those. I know that next week’s hot topics might be different and I am planning to keep up-to-date with the things that I see occupying the attention of those that I talk with. That will not always be the same as focusing on the latest buzzwords. I am more interested in what is really happening than in what is top of the hype charts.

Thirdly, there will be a thread that I suppose is an old IT professional rambling down memory lane. From time to time, I see or hear things that just make me want to reminisce about the good (or not so good) old days. An example was being at the Enterprise Data World 2012 Conference this year and seeing John Zachman and Dr. Peter Chen in close proximity, which started me musing about the history of databases, enterprise architecture, and their interaction.

Finally, I expect I will blog about technical topics that somehow relate to metadata management – Semantics, Content, Big Data, Data Management … Pretty much anything that I hope you will find interesting.

Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to our “conversations.”

About the author

Ian Rowlands is ASG’s Vice President of Product Marketing. He heads product marketing for Metadata Management and is also tasked with providing content across ASG’s entire portfolio. Ian has also served as Vice President of ASG’s metadata product management and development teams. Before ASG, Ian served as Director of Indirect Channels for Viasoft, a leading Enterprise Application Management vendor that was later acquired by ASG and managed relationships with distributor partners outside North America. He has worked extensively in metadata management and IT systems and financial management, and presented at conferences world-wide, including DAMA and CMG.

  • I have developed a model that does what you are requesting. There is universal information model that all businesses are “operating” but people are not able to recognize it due to problems in structure of language. Rather than stating there is “data and content” I would say there can be “universal class-model” (with many dimensions) and content model with “unlimited” hierarchy of terms (objects). So, yes…we need to put put metaphysics and grammar hats on.

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