The Open Knowledge Foundation Has Arrived in France

The OKFN reports, "Following the first ever Open Knowledge Festival in Helsinki earlier this year, we, a group of Open Knowledge enthusiasts in France, have decided to start a national chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN). France already has a vibrant community of Open Knowledge advocates and associations such as La FING, Libertic and Regards Citoyens, actively promoting the use and reuse of Open Data among other Open Knowledge principles. By establishing the OKFN in France, we aim to reinforce and broaden the current national Open Knowledge community by acting as a focal point for OKFN activities in France, as well as to help promote French initiatives in the international OKFN community. We are therefore delighted to announce the creation of the incubating National Group OKFN France with an initial meeting (12/12/12) at the collaborative innovative tech environment of La Cantine in Paris."

The article continues, "The French government launched its national Open Government Data initiative one year ago. The Etalab team behind did a pretty good job, opening some key public datasets such as national statistical data, national budget, and election results under the French Open Licence, and establishing Dataconnexions – a community of practice for innovation to support sustainable projects. Transport data is also becoming available, thanks to intiatitives from the national and Parisian train operators. But work definitely isn’t finished yet, and a few days ago, the new government announced Etalab would be merged into a new general secretariat for the modernisation of public administration."

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Image: Courtesy OKFN