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The Potential of the News Storyline Ontology

By   /  June 13, 2013  /  No Comments

Robin Pembrooke of the BBC has more on how the new ontology is being used at the BBC.

Our own Jenny Zaino recently discussed the development of the News Storyline Ontology. Now, Robin Pembrooke of the BBC has more on how the new ontology is being used at the BBC. He writes, “The BBC believes in distributing its work to the wider industry in order to benefit users and other online publishers. One aspect of this is the thinking around the use of metadata in BBC News stories, how we tag our articles, pictures and video clips to make our content easier to find and more accessible. This year a group of like-minded data architects from a number of UK publishers, including The Guardian and The Press Association, have been informally working on a data model that supports how stories like these are told and they’ve found a lot of common ground in their thinking.”

He goes on, “They’ve created what looks like a really interesting and viable model which we’re beginning to build prototype services around. The model has been provisionally called Storyline and we’ve published it on this page alongside other BBC Ontologies. We believe it will help create more compelling user experiences about evolving News stories, particularly in showing how stories develop over time. We’re interested in exploring how this could be used as a tool to drive co-operation on stories between different news organisations. Do get in touch with either myself or Jeremy Tarling if you would like to be involved. We’re very interested to hear views from other news and media companies on how the model could evolve in a way that benefits everyone.”

Learn more here.

Image: Courtesy BBC

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