The Secret of Google, Microsoft, & Facebook's Innovation: Semantic Tech

Charles H. Silver of Wired Insights reports, "Google and Bing are more than just search engines – they are the very definition of how to leverage big data. Since their inception, they have been using data to build products from search, advertising to Translate to Play Music. However, data alone is no longer the golden nugget to being a successful company, in fact it’s become a pain point for many. Being able to provide inference within context to data is the next big step in data management technology."

He continues, "So what’s the secret behind Google, Microsoft and Facebook’s latest innovation investment? Semantic technology. The term semantic refers to of or relating to meaning in language. Semantic search technology allows people to grab information by concept instead of keyword. Gartner identified semantic technology as a top technology trend impacting information infrastructure in 2013, '[Semantic technologies] have existed for years and are based on advanced statistics, data mining, machine learning and knowledge management. One reason they are garnering more interest is the renewed business requirement for monetizing information as a strategic asset. Even more pressing is the technical need. Increasing volumes, variety and velocity — big data — in IM and business operations, requires semantic technology that makes sense out of data for humans, or automates decisions'.”

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Image: Courtesy Google