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The Semantic Web Revolution

By   /  September 28, 2015  /  No Comments

swby Angela Guess

Nelson Gonzalez of Declara recently wrote in Forbes, “‘We are moving to the world of the sons of Socrates, where dialogue and guidance are key competencies… a world where the capability to find information and turn it into knowledge at the point-of-need provides the key competitive advantage, where knowing the right people to ask the right questions of is more likely to lead to success than any amount of internally-held knowledge and skill.’ If Charles Jennings of the Internet Time Alliance is correct in this analysis, the learning revolution will not be delivered through formal courses or assessed through traditional evaluations. Rather, it will emerge from the ‘semantic web’: the web of meaning implicit in the language and logic of our digital lives.”

Gonzalez continues, “Web1.0 gave us connectivity and Web2.0 unleashed the content/connection avalanche. The evolution of Web3.0 promises context that moves us from clutter to meaning, from search to discovery, from hard taxonomies to more organic synthesis. Technology can now, perhaps ironically,humanize big data. This move toward context and meaning may liberate us from EdTech’s incrementalist trap, which has tended to create the educational equivalent of Henry Ford’s ‘faster horse’: replicating, rather than transforming, old ways of learning.”

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photo credit: Flickr/ Chris P Jobling

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