The SemanticLink Podcast – December Review (and beyond)

Eric Hoffer, a regular panelist on The SemanticLink monthly podcast, summed up the most recent episode calling it a review of the past year and a look forward. Hoffer writes, “The framework for the discussion was: (1) What company, technology or issue caught your attention in 2011? (2) Are we ‘there’ yet? (3) What are people watching for 2012?” Topics that were discussed included: “ and its impact on who pays attention (i.e. SEO space); linked data (and open data); increase in policy maker awareness of the need to pay attention to interoperability issues; commercial integration of technology (ontologies plus nlp capabilities) to leverage unstructured content; and of course Siri (a key example of such integration).”

Hoffer notes, “In terms of where we are in the progression of the semantic technology realm, the general sentiment was that Siri represents the beginning of inserting UI in the process of leveraging semantics, by making the back end effort invisible to the user.  And looking forward, the feeling seems to be that we’ll see even more improved UI, stronger abilities in analysis and use of unstructured content, greater integration and interoperability, and data-driven user navigation, and Siri clones.”

Listen to this episode of The SemanticLink here, then tune in later this month for the first episode of the new year -- we will record it on Friday, January 13, and will be announcing the topic here next week to get your input!  (The recording will be published the week of January 16).

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ Sean MacEntee