Thomson Reuters Brings Semantic Search to the Trading Floor

Tom Groenfeldt of Forbes reports that Thomson Reuters is bringing semantic search to market information. He writes, "Looking up Cisco results on a Thomson Reuters Eikon terminal is as simple as typing in Cis. The name will autofill and you’re there.  Just like Google. Is nowhere safe from the consumerization of IT, not even trading rooms? 'We want to change the way people interact with financial information,' said Philip Brittan, global head of desktop platform at Thomson Reuters. 'We are making it more like what modern search engines, such as Google, have done in the way you search the Web and interact with Web sites putting the search bar front and center allowing users to simply input what they are looking for'."

He goes on, "What’s happened to tough-guy traders and sales traders, masters of the universe who could keep all the Reuters or Bloomberg codes in their heads? Now they don’t have to. 'If you think of the way desktops have been built, it has been with Active X controls, .Net or C# containers,' Brittan explained. 'You have a series of real-time controls and analytics that have forced users to know instrument codes or display codes to get to the content. Even after that point, the structure of the content was not something you could massage or easily modify to be in tune with the way you might want to look at information.' He compared the change to modern search engines such as Google, over the traditional Web browser."

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Image: Courtesy Thomson Reuters