Thoughts on Vocabulary Re-use in the Semantic Web and

Phil Archer recently shared his opinion regarding the current state of vocabulary use and re-use the Semantic Web, an opinion he offered in response to a video presentation by Dan Brickley (see the video below). Archer writes, "The other day I spent 20 minutes or so absorbed in this talk by Dan Brickley and since then I've been giving it a lot of thought. If you have had any connection with Linked Data or the wider Semantic Web you probably know Dan personally and will certainly be well aware of his work. Dan is one of the original architects of the Semantic Web, not only co-editing the RDF-S spec with R V Guha but also creating some of the oldest and most widely used RDF vocabularies in the linked data world: the Basic Geo (WGS84 lat/long) Vocabulary and, most famously, FOAF. Dan is a big part of the RDF/Linked Data story."

In the video, Brickley states, "In the RDF community, in the Semantic Web community, we're kind of polite, possibly too polite, and we always try to re-use each other's stuff. So each schema maybe has 20 or 30 terms, and... has been criticised as maybe a bit rude, because it does a lot more -- it's got 300 classes, 300 properties -- but that makes things radically simpler for people deploying it. And that's frankly what we care about right now, getting the stuff out there. But we also care about having attachment points to other things."

Phil Archer responds to this with thoughts on and vocabulary re-use.

Read Archer's full response here.

Image: Courtesy Flickr/ Beercha