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Throtle Announces Integration With Adobe Analytics Cloud for Data Onboarding

By   /  June 4, 2018  /  No Comments

According to a recent press release, “Throtle, an identity-based data onboarding company focused on deterministic matching and cross-device identity resolution, announced today its now a Business level partner within the Adobe Exchange partner program. In addition, Throtle’s announcing its integration with Adobe Audience Manager, part of Adobe Analytics Cloud, to provide customers with advanced data onboarding solutions for targeted digital marketing to individuals. This integration will provide customers with a more accurate and clearer view of their customers online, across multiple devices and channels. Throtle is a data onboarding provider that delivers identity resolution and high match rates to reach sizable audiences at high fidelity. Throtle achieves these benefits with unique approaches formulated from decades of expertise in the marketing data industry, as well as the Throtle Truth Set, a cross-device identity graph continuously refreshed and validated with gold standard credit data.”

The release goes on, “Throtle’s data-centric onboarding approach starts with cleansing, repairing, and standardizing the customer’s CRM data to obtain an accurate single-customer view. Throtle also fills identity data gaps for greater online reach and provides a deeper understanding of each unique customer with its full suite of consumer attributes, including buying behaviors, motivations, demographics, and more. ‘We know how unique each individual is and how important it is for brands to accurately reach their individual customers with relevant messages and experiences,’ said Paul Chachko, Throtle CEO. ‘That’s why we perform custom data prep for every account and every file, enabling the best quality inputs to identity resolution and onboarding. This extensive data process is what gives each brand the advantage they need to create targeted and personalized experiences’.”

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Photo credit: Throtle

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