Tim Berners-Lee Discusses Dynamic Capabilities of HTML5, Open Web Access

In a recent interview with the BBC, Sir Tim Berners-Lee described what he believes will be the dynamic future of the web. The article states, "Sir Tim Berners Lee, the man credited with inventing the world wide web, has said that he sees the internet becoming more dynamic with web pages able to do "more amazing things" as technology advances. He spoke to the BBC's Jon Sopel from Davos, Switzerland, where political and business leaders have gathered for the World Economic Forum."

Speaking about HTML5, Berners-Lee said, "People use this platform as a basis for tremendous creativity, so there's incredible innovation happening out there, and people are thinking of all kinds of amazing things every moment." Berners-Lee also commented on the openness of the web saying that the fact that anyone can use it to get their voice heard is the key to the success and value of web technology.

Watch the full interview here.

Image: Courtesy BBC