Time Warner, Vudu Sign Up as Jinni Content Distributors

Michael Grotticelli of Broadcast Engineering reports, "Jinni, the maker of a new kind of 'semantic' video guide that spans television, tablets, smart phones and the Web, has signed content distributors Time Warner Cable and Vudu among seven new licensees on four continents. It replaces old grid-style video guides with a new intuitive, personalized user experience. The company’s new “natural language understanding” (NLU) discovery engine supports voice-activated video guides that understand natural human language. The Jinni NLU engine leverages the company’s 'Entertainment Genome' to interpret natural human speech and derives the underlying meaning to enable intuitive interaction between users and their TVs."

He continues, "Users will be able to simply tell their TV what they are in the mood to watch and Jinni will find the most fitting content from live TV, VOD and any other available video catalogue. 'Consumer demand has changed dramatically and today people expect to be able to interact with technology in a very natural, personalized way,' said Yosi Glock, Jinni’s co-founder and CEO. 'This is the core belief that inspired our semantic approach to video discovery and has allowed us to bring such an advanced NLU solution to market so quickly'."

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Image: Courtesy Jinni