TipSense Apps Make Your Decisions Easier

Josh Constine of TechCrunch recently shared some of the cooler features of TipSense, a great company from last year's SemTechBiz Start-Up Competition. Constine writes, "No one wants to read thousands of reviews. You just want answers. Luckily there’s TipSense, a new startup whose algorithm sorts big messy data sets. TipSense’s site DishTip tells you what to order at restaurants, for example, while its AppCrawlr deduces an app’s best and worst features and lays them out with competitors on a comparison chart. TipSense is so smart I bet it gets acquired… or at least fields plenty of buyout offers. That’s because while people won’t shut up about big data, few companies have viscerally proven to consumers why it’s important. David Schorr built and bootstrapped TipSense over the last four years to change that. I met him at SXSW, was very impressed, and he agreed to let me write the first official interview with him about his stealthy startup."

He continues, "Schorr studied computer science with a focus on artificial intelligence at Cornell before getting pulled into Trilogy Software during the dot-com era. Later, after moving to San Francisco, he built an app called Weather Bonk to combat his girlfriend’s hatred of fog. It mashed up hyperlocal weather feeds, satellites, and webcams to find out where the Bay Area fog was, and Schorr sold the technology to The Weather Channel."

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Image: Courtesy TipSense