Topsy Launches New Features for Pro Analytics

Topsy recently announced a set of new features for the company's analytics tool, Topsy Pro Analytics: "These updates — Alerts and enhanced Geo-inference — allow any user to better stay on top of both what’s happening and where it happens. This type of insight could be applied to find headline news stories before they actually break, to figure out where stories are trending, or to better understand localized discussion around a brand. In this post, we’ll run through an example using chatter around a recently-funded startup company, RapGenius, to demonstrate Topsy Pro’s new features."

The article continues, "In the 'Alerts' tab, you can now customize a notification system for any saved topic keywords. When the tweet count or acceleration around a keyword reaches a certain threshold number, Topsy Pro will notify you via email as well as on the dashboard of the UI. Topsy will automatically suggest to you an appropriate value for your alert based on analysis of the terms in your topic in the past. Following Topsy’s suggestion will mean that you get alerted anytime there is a significant spike in your topic, but you can also enter any value you like for the alert threshold."

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Image: Courtesy Topsy