Trapit Launches New Semantic Platform

According to a new release from the company, "Trapit, the AI-powered, personalized discovery engine, today announced the early availability of the Trapit Platform. After successfully launching Trapit for iPad in July, Trapit is productizing the underlying technology and offering it to 3rd parties to build their own highly-personalized content discovery experiences and applications. The company also announced that they have closed their first platform partnership agreement with Astro, Malaysia's leading consumer media entertainment group."

The article continues, "Trapit's platform provides developers with the same underlying technology as Trapit's popular iPad and Web apps, with artificial intelligence capable of making sophisticated selections using natural language processing, semantic analysis and user feedback. Trapit's core learning technology gives developers the ability to understand individual preferences through both implicit engagement and explicit feedback, and cater the user's experience to those interests. Trapit also announced that Astro has made a strategic investment in the company as part of Astro's ongoing mission to work with global innovators to unlock new market opportunities and provide a rich set of new services to their customers in both Malaysia and other Asian markets."

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Image: Courtesy Trapit